Throughout history various civilizations gain vast amounts of power through technology and resources. To express their power they often turn to the creation of structures that challenge the scale of the universe. These artificial bodies are commonly known as Megastructures. Their functions range from merely aesthetic to massive weapons systems to artificial worlds.


There is no precise definition for megastructures, but under standardized building code, it is an artificially made construct with a total length of 1000 miles in any direction. A planet that was destroyed and then reassembled would not be considered a megastructure as the planet had existed earlier and was merely "repaired". An asteroid belt being collected into a new planet would however be considered a megastructure. Excessively large spacecraft or dimensioncraft aren't considered megastructures for the one reason that they were expressly designed to be mobile. A dyson sphere that is redirecting its stars solar wind to move would still be considered a megastructure because the structure lacks the capability for practical mobility.

List of MegastructuresEdit

Please note that the list is incomplete and doesn't refer to specific structures unless specifically said so.

Planetary ScaleEdit

Globus CassusEdit

10-Type Space StationEdit


A-Type PlanetEdit

Converted MoonEdit

Shield WorldEdit


Stellar ScaleEdit

Nivian RingEdit


Korval DiskEdit


A-Type SystemEdit

Galactic ScaleEdit

Ziltin DiskEdit

A-Type GalaxyEdit


Remnant World's NetworkEdit

Pocket UniverseEdit

Kryat RingEdit

TA UniverseEdit


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