Dark Energy Missile
Production Information

Iskellian Combat Technologies




Energy Missile

Technical Specifications

32 ft.


52 tons

Firing Modes
  • Anti-Ship
  • Anti-Star
  • Anti-Galaxy
  • Anti-Universe
Equivalency Yield




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Dark energy missiles are an especially dangerous and complex weapons system. As they are missiles, they would conventionally be projectiles, but as they use pure energy within their structure and "warhead" they are considered by many as a projectile / energy weapon hybrid. These missiles are infamous for their use in ended the Andromeda War.


The dark energy missile was first concieved by Johnathan Zubrin in the early 2230's. As the Senior Advanced Concepts Researcher for Iskellian Combat Technologies, he started development on the highly controversial weapon. The program was cancelled 5 times as a result of public pressure and lack of funding. Its final cancellation was in 2246, as a result of the Gemini Act, which outlawed the possession, manufacture, development, sale, or transportation of all weapons capable of destroying planets and anything above. The weapons prototypes wer dismantled and sent to storage. A decade later, the Novan Empire had entered the Andromeda War. R-DATA quickly looking for weapons to help the Empire to win the war, found the dark energy missile and added it to their grand research project. Three years of development produced the first dozen, weapons capable missiles. They were immediately installed onto the newly constructed Omega class Hyper Cruiser. Manufacturing facilities were also installed onto the ship. The missiles provided the Empire with the final blow to stop the Qatnaum in their home galaxy, by destroying it.


It utilizes a dark energy manipulator to convert ambient vacuum energy into rapidly expanding dark energy, instead of a conventional warhead. It works in a similar way to "The Big Rip", but in a smaller and more controlled manner. As the missile detonates, the dark energy rips apart the atoms of the target and within a few seconds rips spacetime itself, destroying the target. As they use the big rip effect, they can be channeled with more power and thusly increasing its destruction capabilities. They can set to destroy anything from a single spacecraft to entire universes, the latter requires heavy modifications and a massive power supply.