The Machines of Malice Series is as great of a story as it has the potential for gaming. Currently the group allowed to produce Machines of Malice games is the Game Con Group. As of now one game is under consideration, another is being started and one under full production. The first to be released is a first person shooter game for the PC. The second is an iPhone app game that will be a touch and text based rts game. The third is a PC rts game centered around combat, national decisions, and technological advancement.

Zombie Defense

This game will be released on May 1st and will feature Jack Corbin and his fight in the nanoplague infested Korolev Asteroid Colony. The game will feature 11 modern day weapons and 3 zombie types. Survivors and nanite packs are scattered around and must be found. The player goes through a series of levels and must fight off the hordes of zombies.

Void Runner

The sequel to Zombie Defense with enhanced gameplay. It will be featuring Jack Corbin, but with a player's choice of soldier class. It takes place on the ruined planet of Xevol, a Void class planet. You will be a mercenary carry out jobs on the surface and ocassionally in ships. The game, pending its reviews may get a product sequel.

Galactic Incursion

You start off by choosing your faction and selecting your planet for colonization. Once colonized, the player then expands and researches technologies to expand their capabilities. Warfare is conducted by units built and commanded by the player. They can be controlled by either texted based format like Ogame or icon based like Civilization. The player must win the campaign and then they're released to a universe full of other players to compete against.

Terran Battleground

The most advanced of all the games, it is slated for release in 3-5 years. As it is merely conceptual, information is limited, but a few core features are known. The game will follow a similar format to Galactic Incursion, but will field much more in depth combat & highly detailed craft. The tech tree will also heavily expanded but the game will not however feature the massively multiplayer aspect of Galactic Incursion.